Aalborg University Strategy 2016-21

Knowledge for the World

Knowledge for the World is the title of AAU's strategy for the period 2016-2021.

The strategy describes AAU's mission, vision and actions in the following areas: research, problem based learning, education, knowledge collaboration and our organisation.



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You can order printed copies of the strategy by Pia Pedersen, AAU Communication: ppe@adm.aau.dk

Vision 2021

  • We act and are recognised as a university with a distinct profile and well-documented quality in all of our activities.
  • We are internationally recognised for excellence in research with a problem and solution oriented perspective.
  • We educate students for the society of the future.
  • We implement our basic principles of problem and project based learning, and the University is internationally acclaimed for the documented results of this learning method.
  • We are an attractive collaboration partner for private companies and public authorities and institutions, and our carefully selected knowledge-sharing partnerships are based on mutuality and a shared focus.

We will implement our vision by focusing on 23 actions in the following seven focus areas: Research, Problem based learning, Education, Knowledge collaboration, Competence, organsation and management, Identity, culture and communication and Administration and service.

See the action plans for the focus areas

Secretariat for the Strategy

Louise Bredgaard, project manager AAU Strategy: lb@adm.aau.dk