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Call for AAU interdisciplinary research projects 2017

Cf. The AAU strategy 2016-2021 Knowledge of the word action 2.1. there will be launched five interdisciplinary research projects  in support of AAU's aim to foster innovative interdisciplinary collaboration.

In connection to this AAU researchers are invited to submit Expressions of Interest for participation in AAU interdisciplinary research projects within five theme areas inspired by Horizon 2020 and FORSK2025.

For further information please see call below which provides details on the themes, selection criteria, financing, the project proposal process and its deadlines.

Download template for Full project proposal (Stage 2) 

(Template is updated August 9, 2017).

Contact persons

For general questions regarding the initiative and call please contact Lasse Panny Pedersen, Academic Officer and Project Secretary for the actions concerning research in AAU Strategy 2016-201 - E-mail: lpp@adm.aau.dk; Phone: 9940 3503

For questions regarding the research themes please contact the Vice Dean responsible:

  • ICT as enabler of connected societies
    Torben Larsen, E-mail: prodekan-tech-forsk@aau.dk; Phone: 2020 6856
  • Intelligent, sustainable and integrated energy development and consumption
    Thorkild Ærø, E-mail: tka@sbi.aau.dk; Phone 9940 2261
  • Community based care and technology-supported health
    Ole Kæseler Andersen, E-mail: oka@hst.aau.dk; Phone: 9940 8816
  • Children, young people and the education of the future
    Anette Therkelsen; E-mail: hum-prodekan-forsk@aau.dk; Phone: 9940 9139
  • Denmark and the global trends of the future:
    Søren Kristiansen, E-mail: samf-prodekan-forsk@aau.dk; Phone: 9940 9606

For questions regarding the funding or finances in the projects please contact
Gitte Hartung, Head of Planning & Budgets - E-mail: gha@adm.aau.dk; Phone: 9940 7370


Read more about the workshops and the overall program - click here.

ICT as an enabler of connected societies
April 19, 8.30-12.00

Denmark and the global trends of the future
April 21, 08.30-12.00

Intelligent, sustainable and integrated energy development and consumption
April 24, 8.30-12.00

Community based care and technology-supported health 
May 1, 8.30-12.00

Children, young people and the future of education
May 2, 12.30-16.00


  • NN, The Faculty of Medicine 
  • NN, The Faculty of Humanities
  • NN, The Faculty of Social Sciences
  • NN, Technical Faculty of IT and Design 
  • NN, The Faculty of Engineering and Science 

Project Secretary: Lasse Panny Pedersen, Academic Officer, The Faculty Office for Engineering, Medicine and Tech